I am largely a self taught photographer from Durham City, UK, with my passion for photography being kindled a few years prior to my retirement, in 2009, after a career in "Corporate and Legal" in local government.

My main interest is Street Photography (intially inspired by such historic greats as Doisneau, Cartier Bresson etc. etc - through to a whole spectrum of modern street photographers ).  For me the capturing of life on the streets provides an endless tapestry of the human condition in all of its guises. It never ceases to amaze.

As well as my Street Photography work I also have several projects in progress, as well as dabbling in conceptual ideas from time to time.

In recent years I have staged several successful exhibitions in the North East of England showing a variety of my work. I've also had some success in a number of competitions, most recently in the premier North East of England competition - "The 2014 Port of Tyne Awards", where I gained runner up in the North East Life category. 

A photography magazine, in the past, has featured an article about my Appleby Horse Fair project.  Currently I am undertaking an ongoing project entitled "Dean Bank -  a Former Mining Community".

A cross section of my work appears in the galleries on this site.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any potential projects, or are interested in any of the images shown in my galleries.